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Shipping & Returns

We may need to contact your card issuer to verify your information before distributing the goods. We will do everything possible to reduce delays Our delivery time from the time of order intake, including a 24-hour period, we will treat the storage and delivery of goods in this period. Please note that while we move, this period may be extended, but not more than 48 hours.

We work closely with distribution partners to minimize the impact of customs delays for customers

What happens if the package will be returned to you undelivered?
If the package is returned to us undelivered, we will inform you immediately. If the return of postal package, we, for whatever reason, you will immediately notice your expenses to rearrange delivery. shipping cost is not returned the original post office does not compensate us for the package is returned to sender. After checking the address, postage paid in its entirety - is the exact amount that instead of the initial subscription fee - the package will be sent immediately. Please include your correct address when ordering to avoid return to sender. In addition, we can process your refund, after deducting the original shipping.

What happens if my package is lost?
If you have not received your order, we must improve our courier company to conduct a comprehensive investigation, which could take up to two weeks. When we have the solution, we can re-send. Order (ready availability).

Safety insurance during transportation of each item before it is delivered into the hands. We ask you to sign for goods delivered, in which case the responsibility for the purchased goods will be transferred to you. To set the recipient is not yours (such as gift orders), you agree to: recipient's signature (or the signature of the person signing the delivery address) proof of successful delivery and equal obligations proof that the purchased goods will also transfer responsibility for you.

Return and replacement
We returned process is very simple. If you are trying on (with) a single product after satisfied, you can choose a replacement or return within 28 days after receipt of order. We are free to charge the returned merchandise from your home, work or other address.

All are free shipping replacement

Make sure that you want returned merchandise is brand new and has not been used, and all is still hanging tag. Goods that do not meet the requirements, we will not be accepted and will be returned intact to the customer.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service team.

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